Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Alien Language

Well, it seems like my prediction is absolutely correct.
I am lost in the "class" for financial maths jz now.
I still havent bought a financial calculator. And even if i did, i wouldnt know how to use it at all. Although i know the variables involved (PV,FV,n,i,PMT), i hv problems determining their values.
I mean like, even the other "students" there cant really do the calculations. They had to think n ask a few questions to get the answer.
On the other hand, was me; a clueless girl armed only with a Scientific Calculator and a 3 formula. So, its pretty obvious that i'm the one who couldnt do the calculations given, eventhough according to the "teacher", she only gave SIMPLE calculations. Oh well..since i cant even do simple calculations..i dont think i'm gonna move any further.

After all that depressing thoughts, i had a brilliant plan to finally get a Financial calculator (eventhough its rather expensive(rm110) and eventhough my bf has been discouraging me to get it, cause according to him i'm only going to use it a couple of times, then the poor calculator will be neglected n left to dust.) BUT..the stationary shop was closed by time the class ended.
i even asked the "teacher" to lend me some books to read so that i can catch up a little. And she jz told me that she'll photocopy some notes for me.

So..i'm back home again, feeling left out n completely out of place.
My fren who introduced me to this "course" was busy with his friends, and had no time for me. Although i'm starting to think that he's ignoring me on purpose, or mayb its jz my imagination..but whatever..i jz hv this intuition that he's ignoring me for reasons unknown to me.
Well, since i hv a lot of shortcomings, it means i hv plenty of reading n researching to do. And less time for any other thing. It is so sadddening. My anime-marathon will hv to wait for another time.

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