Friday, July 07, 2006

Its not the end..

This is simply saddening. I should hv jz said "no" when i was given this opportunity. But, i didn't. And so i brought a whole load of trouble n stress to myself. And there i was thinking i wouldnt even hv to use a single cell of my brain after my a-levels. So much about that dream...*sigh*

After the end of the last day of the "class", i still felt out of place. Maybe my social skills arent that great. That's why i didnt manage to make any friends. And in any case, i doubt they'll b "good" friends. I mean it'll only be a hi-bye kinda friend, nothing more. I didnt even talk a single word to the person next to me, except asking him to pass a paper of stuff like that. Yeah...mayb it's jz me..but then the fact that they didnt talk to me either means their social skill is not much better than mine, right?

Not only that, my bf had to wait for me for the past 5days when i attended the class. And it was actually supposed to b a 2-hour class, but the "teacher" always let us off late. And my definition of late is like half an hour. What a killer. By the time i get a cab to the train station, and take the ktm back home, it'll b around 10pm -_-"
My pooor bf..looks like i'm "torturing" him right? But its NOT true..he himslef volunteered to tag along..its not like i held him at gun-point and forced him to come. And i dont even hv a gun!

Ohya..not to mention the transportation to subang from klang is NOT cheap. The train tickets are still ok..its only rm2.40 from my place to the subang ktm station. But its the taxi fees that kills! I mean like from the ktm station to the office(next to taylor's business school) is only a 15-min walk, But the silly taxi driver had the guts to charge rm4 for 2 persons! Is petrol THAT expensive? And they drive like mad drivers. They cut ppl's lane like no one's business, they drive run over red lights! They are the very BEST example of DANGEROUS drivers on the road. Its amazing they dont get any tickets from the police. What is the subang traffic police doing? -_-"

Then, the worst thing is --> i have to do an assignment.
Yup..and assignment of supposingly simple real-life situations. Calculations of insurance la..monthly savings to attain a fix amount after retirement, children's education fund la. Total interest of the housing loans la. Haih..its a killer. I dont even know what's going on anymore.

Then, parents commented on how low i was getting paid(i'm only gonna get paid rm500 a month to work as an intern) And as an intern, i'll hv to help out with some office work. Working hours are the usual one, 9am-5pm. I doubt there'll b any EPF. And the transportation and food is going to cost me at least rm250, half of my pay!

At first, i had thought if i am able to learn stuff, it'll be worth the effort..but now..i cant imagine how i can learn from the boss. Her explanations are a bit tough for me to catch sometimes. I dunno..all sorts of silly questions that i'll hv to think about now. I mean like..rm500 only leh..if i work at tesco from 9-5 a month..i'll get more than 500! cause tesco pays rm4 per hour!

*sobs* am i getting cheated?

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