Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Financial Problems..

i got a new skin. Again. -_-"
Seems like changing skins for my blog has become my latest hobby. A few months back i was happily changing bg for my friendster account. Unfortunately my friendster is left in the dark now.
Haha..when i hanged my skin jz now i realised that i didnt blog at ALL during June!
Amazing! This either means i hv good will power to not blog at all, or it means i'm plain lazy. In this case, i think it's the latter. =)

Now, back to my financial problems. I think i hv serious problems here. I'm absolutely clueless in financial mathematics. And not having a financial calculator makes things even worse -_-"
Yesterday, i attend the 2nd day of the short "course" on financial maths. And things were so alien to me.
What are bonds?
Malaysian Government Securities?
and a whole lot more terms which i can never find in my biology or chemistry books. In fact its not even in my maths or stats textbooks.
And, who the heck is Warren Buffett?
his name was repeated quite a few times throughout the 2and a half hours in the office..
Thankfully i now know that he's some bigshot in the investing world, raking up a LOt of money..bla bla..
Haih...seems like this week will b tough one on this "naive" biology stream student.

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