Monday, July 31, 2006

"shiok sendiri"

Lately I've been hearing the term "shiok sendiri" a LOT. "shiok sendiri" or ss in short actually means erm... self-illusion. (that's the best translation i can give)
For instance, jz as I wanted to update my blog, my bro jumped in and comment that my blog is officially a blog of a shiok-sendiri person-->ME!
Oh well, it can't be helped can it? i mean like i'm virtually a jobless girl after my A-levels. So duh, of course my time and only joy comes from blogging.( well, its not my only joy..i'm not that fact i'm usually disconnected from the internet compared to my bros)

Well, not only that, when i was holidaying in sarawak with my frens, one of them said i "SS" when i bargained with the CD shop owner..sobs..

BUT, the worst thing that could happen to an SS-er happened today!
Well, i think i've already mentioned about me winning some nivea hamper. At least that's what the letter said. So there i was day-dreaming (very typical for an SS-er) .
Dreaming about getting this super big hamper
while getting a photo shot,
with me there beaming with a big smile.

Well, the dream crashed down just like that. I'll show u the pic of my so-called-hamper.

ok..i dont know what happened to my internet connection. Its darn slow to upload the pic. So who cares. Final point is that my dreams were jz dreams. Shattered into a million pieces. hahaha...oh well, at least i wont hv to buy any facial stuff for quite some time =)

I'm gonna start working nervous. I jz called up my future employer jz now, and she sounded like she forgotten me. And she even forgot that tmr is the 1st! goodness..i wonder how i'll survive tmr..

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