Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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It's hard to imagine, but i have finally graduated from INTEC after 2 long years!
Yup, i know that i have said that i'm done with alevels some time ago in one of the blog, but THAT time i have not officially graduated from intec itself.
But NOW, i have officially graduated from INTEC. Which means i'm no longer a student of INTEC.

Here's a list of things which i no longer hv to go through.
1. Waking up in the morning jz to squeeze a place into the bus. ants running towards a small hole..well, at least that's how it looks like when i look out from my window in the 5th floor. Haha^^

2. And no more standing in the bus through out the journey to INTEC. ( at least that won't happen on board a bus anymore..but then i'll hv to bear with the standing when i travel using the komuter train or the lrt. *sigh* THAT"S how bad our transportation system is. Sad but true.

3. No more eating out at a place where only malay food and mamak stalls are available. Hopefully that way i can lose some weight at home. I gained 2kg since march..i think its march cause that was when my trials started...

4. erm..erm.. i cant think of anymore..

Ok...actually INTEC is a really nice place. The hostel is great. Especially since my unit has only 3residents including myself. (actually its supposed to be a 4person per unit = 2person/room)
And also, i can study better in the hostel cause there arent any distractions such as the tv (we do hv a chared tv room in each block, but since i live onthe 5th floor i seldom go down to watch tv. Not unless its my fav series the "Desperate housewives" =)
Plus, my room doesnt hv a comp cause we didnt get an internet connection. I know of some students who got internet connection, and they can jz surf the net or blog, or chat in the comfort of their rooms. How nice huh? But that's not for me, i get distracted by the net.
Also, compared to some public Universities hostel, INTEC's hostel is strategically located in an area with a mini giant for us students to shop for groceries. Plus, there's Watsons, McDonalds, KFC, Baker's Cottage, Warnet, Bata, Speedy, and erm..lots of eating stalls =)

Well, its definately a great experience, esp since i think i hv succesfully perfected the skill of cooking using a ricecooker! YEAH! Hahaaha^^
I think i'll miss the place a bit. A tiny little bit only. Hahaha..and finally..good riddance of Mak and Pak Guards who "fine" ppl who wear "baju singkat yg menonjolkan belakang" "baju kebaya yg selit terlalu tinggi or menonjol" "seluar jeans yg ketat" "lengan pendek" "seluar pendek(even for guys)" and lots and lots more. If u wanna know the full list, jz get fined by the guard and u'll get a piece of rahter long rectangular paper with all the so-called-offences in INTEC.

Anyways, here's some pics of today's ceremony and also some pics of INTEC memories.

Friends and my different looks(unfortunately i don't know how to piece pics together using photoshop yet.i'll try to learn it IF possible..hahaha..)

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