Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Jz another day and maybe a little change..

It's jz another day in my life.
As usual, the mundane activities repeat themselves.
I wake up feeling tired n sleepy. 8 hours of sleep is not enough nowadays.
Then i read the papers..dried the clothes..and then ate my lunch.

Well, yesterday was a bit different though..
i had a trip down to times square with my bf. We watched Superman returns. Paid rm11 PER person and went in. On the way in..we had to surrender my bf's digital camera. Why?
Cause there was this notice which sounds something like this :
" Due to the early release of "Superman Returns" in Malaysia, all video recording tools are not allowed to be brought into the cinema to prevent Piracy. And..bla bla bla... Your co-opereation is greatly appreciated."

Hmm...gets you thinking about how many malaysians are involved in piracy. Wait..i suddenly think that all of us are caught in the piracy web, one way or another.
I mean like, many ppl buy pirated vcds, cds, dvds, computer softwares, etc...
But, its not only that. Pirated clothings lie everywhere, we can even download songs, videos, movies, and softwares on9.
So, tell me who isnt involved in piracy?

OKie..back to topic. Yesterday, i also went to a erm..short course? about financial stuff. My friend had invited me to go. And since its the company which i'm gonna work as in intern next month, i might as well go n learn a thing or two. At least that was what i had in mind.
Unfortunately, things didnt go as well as i had imagined.
1. i arrived late..by 10mins or so..
2. i was the only one without a piece of paper to take down notes.
3. i didnt even bring a calculator when we were supposed to do calculations
4. The other "students' there were either in accouting, finance, marketing n actuary science. I was the odd one out..a future pharmacy-degeree holder..
5. i had absolutely no idea what financial mathematics is. The boss was talking about a formula where u have unknowns such as "i" PV, FV, n, PMT..
I was at a total loss...luckily its pretty simple to guess
i = interest
PV = present value
FV = future value
n = number of years
PMT = payment( the boss mentioned this)

SO anyways, this "course" will continue this whole week. And i am starting to wonder whether i can survive it without looking like a complete fool..wait..mayb the noun "fool" had already been labelled on my large forehead -_-"
but..whatever..i'll do what i think is best..and i do pray i'll learn somethings that a 'normal' pharmacy student wouldnt know about investments and finance.

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