Sunday, July 09, 2006

Great Day!

Hehehe ^-^ It's been quite some time since i had a great day. (well, my previous days were good..but not great. And to me, great day= fun+ memorable day)

First off, i woke up at 8.30am, bathe and got ready to go out with my bf and his sis. As i got dressed up in the clothes which i picked the night b4, i realised i grew fatter! The short skirt which i bought around 2years back had become tight! Especially around the hips -_-" (i know wide hips are good for child-bearing, but its not pretty in short skirts nor jeans. In fact, its hard to make wide hips look great..urgh~)

Although the skirt was tight, i still wore it. I must make full use of the skirt before the day where i can't even zip up comes. Hopefully that day wont come too soon. I only wore that skirt a few times thanks to the rules in INTEC; the land where baby tee's and jeans are forbidden. And honestly, i doubt i'll be wearing the skirt anytime soon again. Mayb i'm jz being paranoid, but i can't help noticing how fat, flabby and hairy my legs are. Its jz distracting.

So, after my bf got ready, we went off to subang parade. Thankfully my dad had an appointment with his friend, so he dropped my bf and i "near" the ktm station. (All the transportation money saved!) And later on, my bf's sis picked us up and then we headed to Times Square!

There was some minor traffic jams along the journey, but it was still bearable, esp since i'm not the driver! haha! Anyways, we then decided to park inside the parking bay of times square itself. It was by bf's sis 1st time parking inside the compound, so we were all unsure of the parking charges. At the ticketing booth, we saw a shocking fee!
rm3 for the 1st hour
rm2 for subsequent hours
(applicable during sat,sun, and public holidays)
Boy were we shocked. But the damage has been done as the parking ticket was already in the driver's hand.

Once we parked, we decided to speed up our shopping time so that the parking fees wont kill us. 1st stop - Low Yat Plaza
Items in shopping list - optical mouse, webcam, bluetooth adapter
In the end - we managed to have our lunch at Mr teppanyaki, and we bought all our stuff, and even got and extra microphone.

2nd stop -Sungai Wang/ BB plaza
Items in mind - Winter clothing for my bf
In the end - we got some of the winter clothings so we had to make another extra stop

3rd stop -
Lot 10
In the end -
we manage to get an almost completed set of winter clothings for my bf. And his sis bought a luggage too =) We were all happy ppl after that as we completed buying all the items in the shopping list. As it meant no more walking around to hunt for stuff anymore. By that time, we were all hungry ppl. So after we put the stuff in the car, we headed to our 4th stop.

4th stop - Jalan Yap Ah Loy
Mission - "Pan-mee" dinner
In the end - We had dinner and a specialy guest appearance by...meow!

oww..ain't she cute?

Now, a look who's in-charge of taking the great shot of the kitty cat!

Well, actually...the main reason i had a nice day was due to the super adorable kittens i saw today =)

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