Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So this is how working works..

Today, I went through 8 hours of my 1sy day at job without any hitches! Yeah! Big cheers to myself!
Hhahaa..it was quite a day. As the job was in subang, i had to take the ktm to work. My dad sent me to the train station adn when i reached there, the train jz left. So i had to wait another 10mins for the next one. Once i reached subang, i was a little lost cause i didnt really know the way to walk to my office. My dad told me to take the main road because its much safer esp since nowadays there are mad ppl going around with parang knives slashing innocent students n innocent ppl. (if u dont know this, u better ask someone. the poor guy was a ktar student)

I that walking by the main road is for my good, but u hv no idea how long it is! For starters, there was this "ang-mo-lou" who was waiting to cross the mainroad in front of carrefour with me..once the light turned green for us to cross, i dashed across and was obviously so much faster than him. BUT..as i was walking along some shoplots towards my office, he was already there! In front of some shop with a tin of drink on his hand! That was how slow i was...

Thankfully the day didnt go downhill from there =) work was ok. But i'm sure it'll get worse starting from tmr..but hopefully not so soon. I wanna enjoy some relaxing moments summore.

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