Thursday, August 24, 2006

As the days pass by

I havent been blogging for a long time, more than a week. To be more precise, I think I stopped updating my blog since my bf came back from Kuching. (bcoz he says i ignore him when I blog..i get so self-absorbed in writing, so he doesnt like that) Well, now i'm in my office..and he's not around..neither is my boss, and i've done all the duties she asked me to duh..A golden chance should n ot be wasted, right? LOL^^
Anyways, i think i better start on what happened in the previous week.
I took a day off from work and went back to INTEC to get my results!
Well..actually the results could be taken on the day b4(thurs) but i didnt know..the last info i received was telling me to get them on fri. And on thurs, i heard that many ppl got 15mark(out of 15)
So..being an SSer i knew i would get a 15 too! LOL^^ jz that my total marks for each subkect werent THAT amazing compared to others. But i'm pretty happy about it. The worst marks was 78/90 for my chemistry paper2. So duh..who long its an A in the end.
Goodness..i dont reallt recall what happened on sat..lemme think..*thinking real hard*
went down to KL with my parents and my bf. Again, we went to sungei wang, low yat n times square. (it somehow is my fav place) i didnt buy anything much except for a comic book called HOT GIMMICK. (man..i love that comic so-so much!! the story line is interesting, the characters drawn are so beautiful..and the guys in! handsome!!!
Ohya...guess what? the prices of thumbdrives are falling like mad!
I think i got my thumbdrive last month for RM73...and then at low yat...i saw the EXACT same model for only RM68!!!! Why!!! I'm cheated of my RM5!! I demand my money back!
Was supposed to go to INTEC to hand in my IMU application form..but i since i think it isnt nice to take a day off again, i asked my bf to do the honours for me! LOL^^
erm..boring day at work..didnt do bf followed me to office and he pratically slept while i was working. My boss didnt come again...-_-" but asked me to create a blog which unfortunately i cant reveal jz yet.
took off from work again..why? ITS my bf's Birthday!
Happy Birthday Bao Bei!!!
I baked a cake!!! Woot!! And guess what? it dint turn out as hard as a stone!!!!! Yeah!!!
In fact...its delicious. LOL^^
Actually its all thanks to the ready-made flour. All i did was add water, eggs and butter to it, and then mix it, bake an wa-lah...u get a cake!!!
For lunch, i cooked pasta. (my specialty! actually its the only dish i can cook-_-" other than noodles la..)
work work work..
my boss thought i was taking 2 days off, so she didnt come to the office again. But then she sent a msn msg to me telling me to change the blog i made for her a little, and then type down all the companies listed on yellowpages online, along with their email and website address. -_-"
i seriously wanna quit..jz that somehow i dont hv the guts to tell her...cause when she's around she'll give me really good dunno...
BUT...if i continue working in this place for only rm500 a month...not only will i be my pimples are somehow getting worse..i dunno why, and it saddens me so*sobs*
And so, i dont even hv the money to do facials or go see a specialist, or my dreams of buying an airticket so i can fly to czech to visit my bf when he's there...
this is hopeless..

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