Thursday, August 24, 2006

Depressed?? Maybe a little

Well, jz a few moments back, i visited a blog which according to my fren, is written by a 17 yr old who had had sex since she was 13.
Being the curious being that I am, I decided to drop by and see, i mean read what she has running in the mind of such a girl.
Bad move.
In the end, my expectations of juicy parts were dashed. I was left feeling completely useless and inferior compared to her.
for one, her english is super-duper-fantastically-amazingly good; like those you read in novels. All those "bombastic"(well, its not THAT's jz words that i NEVER use.) Actually, all this while I had great pride in my english as I was quite good in my sec school days. (compared to some of my classmates that is..I even got an A1 for my 1119 paper!)
Oh well, the feeling of being beaten is so-not-nice. Bitter.
Feeling like a fool for thinking highly of herself.
And then, she's pretty. Pretty pretty. I mean like she's only 17 and she had this curves
that make me look flat. (in fact I am flat..duh..-_-")
My self esteem is low. No one said anything about me, yet I feel down to lowest level u can imagine. And I blame my pimply face for doing that to my confidence-_-"
I can go on and on complaining about the things I dislike, because with this kind of mood all the bad things are running around my mind. BUT, time does not permit me to do so, and it sounds like its going to rain. Heavily. Armed with a tiny umbrella, i better make my move soon.

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