Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm broke..

After about 3 weeks of work, I still feel the same. Initially I had thought i'll feel beter or smarter after learnng stuff from my boss. But sadly, i dont feel any different.
Well, its not like I didnt learn anything at all. I learnt some important stuff on global investment, wills trusts, unit trusts, loans..etc..but i still feel that my knowledge is at the minimal point. There's jz too much which I do not know. All that has improved is maybe my typing speed, coz all i do alone in the office is practicaly type and type,c reate power point presentations, make summary on stuff my boss wanna read. Haih..i'm a plain secretary if u ask me. And quite a low pay too.
Nevertheless, i was asked by my boss to extend my working period with her, most probably cause she cant find any other new interns to work for her. Plus she prefers students of actuarial science, which i'm not. so there are mnay calcualtions which i do not know at all..remember the PV Fv thingy?
What-so-ever, my mum has advised me to continue working for her because this sort of chances for me to be involved in a financial company will unlikely happen again in the future. She says i should treat this as a stepping stone for me to enter the insurance and unit trust side. -_-" maybe..but mayb not..
So, i started thinking. I compared myself to my friend who was working in the office for 3 months. And he obviously learnt a hell lot of things. Me? i doubt i can. Mostporbably bcoz i hv this lousy attitude. Its not like dont wanna learn, but somehow i lack the motivation to continue.
Suddenly i notice the whole load of crap i written above -_-" maybe when u type faster, what u hv in mind comes down faster. so it indirectly means more and more words to put in and to write.

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