Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of chocolate, butter and cakes..

I've finally quit my job. Thankfully my boss(or now my ex-boss) is a really nice person. She didnt scold or get mad. Well, and i got my 1st cheque!Yeah^^ Although its a rather low pay, I can't help but to help happy.Hahaha..

I think something's wrong with my computer. I'm having difficulties logging in to to blogger..I have to keep trying,again and again.. it's sad. And not only that, I can't press the enter key. I have to edit the html to get the spacing done.-_-"

Anyways, we all know today is Malaysia's independence day. So lemme jz say a Happy MERDEKA to all. (and also to myself for not working for now...hoho)

Yesterday night, my fren brought some of her frens from IMU down to Klang jz to savour seafood in Teluk Gadong.

Being a busybody, I tagged along. And throughout the whole night, I acted as a tour guide. Hahaa..Silly me..I was a little hyper cause I was so so happy to get my pay. LOL^^ (and i still am happy..but i'm starting to get a minor headache thinking of my next job..which i havent found..)

After eating dinner, which consisted of crabs, prawns, "heh gou" , belacan kangkung and la-la bee hoon; we went to JJ to catch one of the silliest movies I've ever watched- Beneath Still Waters.

The whole story was crap; crappy actors and actress, crappy lines, crappy effects. Although some of the scenes were pretty good, esp the gross-looking monsters and mad ppl who mutilate themselves, but thanks to our censorship board, those highlights were cut! mid of the story i felt like a fool who is watching a foolish story -_-" and i paid rm10 to watch it..argh..
Oh ya,I baked 2 cakes in the past few days!!! Yeah..the 1st one is a chocolate cake for my bf, and the 2nd one is a butter cake for my dad.

a slice of the chocolate cake =) Looks yummy huh?

mixing the flour, eggs, butter and water. In the background is the Pilsbury ready-made flour

baking the mixture in the oven!!

It's baked!!!

preparing the chocolate topping

Yeah!! Butter cake with chocolate topping!!

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