Monday, September 04, 2006

Me a promoter??

I'm gonna be a promoter. Sounds weird right?
Nvm that, I havent actually got the job though. I'll hv to go down to Damansara jz to attend a basic training, which so happens to be on this Weds, then on Thurs i'll have to go for the product training. On both occasions I'm suppposed to get rm15 for the transportation fees. Then whenever the company has something to promote, they'll inform me and see whether i'm up for it. And before the girl I contacted asked me whether i'm willing to promote a milk powder, Enfa A+.

Mua..promoting kids milk powder. I feel so old-_-" I can only imagine "aunties'' giving out milk to kids. But me?? Oh well...what can i complain about right? After all i'm aiming for a temporary job. Bcoz if i got a full-time job i would hv to take a week off to accompany my bf b4 he flies to czech. So...

Earlier, I called a company asking for a post as an event assistant. And guess what? the post is no longer available, and the lady asked me whehter i wanna work as a temp telesales in PJ...which is unaccesible to me, since i'm all the way in Klang.

I guess that from Oct i'll have to get a "permanent" job. Something that gives me EPF la.. mayb i'm gonna work in Tesco. Its near and the pay is not too bad. Or maybe i'll keep on looking for jobs in KL...I dunno...I'm fickle-minded all the time.

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