Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Psycho day..

Somehow I'm seriously beginning to think that Jpa has too much money spent on unneccessary things. For one, I jz attend a darn silly "course" back in INTEC yesterday; the psycho "course" which was conducted by Jpa personnels.

Before I went INTEC, I was informed that the course was 8am till 5pm. So, considering the traffic jam along the highway, I left my house around 7.30am. Duh..halfway on the journey, a friend sent an sms to me and said the time was changed to 9.30am! What the @^#!

OK..that is nothing to shout about actually bcoz almost ALL activities organised by Jpa ALWAYS start LATE. So..there's no surprise. BUT, it seriously pisses off ppl.

On the way to INTEC, I was a triple S fella. (SSS = Super Shiok Sendiri) It was a girl. She was driving this little kancil with quite a number of stickers on her back windscreen. The first thing I saw said
"If u think this car is cute, wait till you see the owner"

ok...what's so cute about a kancil? It's small..and its not like her kancil is modified or painted in any oustanding hues..so how can it be cute?

Nvm about that, the next thing I saw was this logo of "intel Inside" BUT, instead of intel...it spelled "AWEK"
"what's awek?' asked my dad..
well, awek is a malay slang that means a cute girl..or girlfriend..maybe i got it wrong..but it definately means girl.

And on the top of the two stickers, was a huge sticker of University Malaya.

When I passed the car..I saw a lady with a hood..but..i couldnt get a glimpse of her face. So I couldnt decide whether the sticker speaks the truth. BUT no matter what, I do praise her of her great self confidence. Thus, I would think that she is a Super-Shiok-Sendiri girl.

Back in INTEC, I had to settle the clearance of my hostel things and also to get my leaving certificate and my graduation pictures. About my picture..I look uhm..ugly. I wasn't even looking at the camera, and i was slouching when i recerived my cert. So..i practically burned my RM18 which I paid for those pics.

By then, we were allowed to enter the hall. Everyone was a little noisy at first, but when the speaker spoke, we all fell silent. Arent we good kids? Haha..kidding.
The speaker than said..since this activity is only a halfday activity, we'll only start our session at 10.30am!

WHAT! Wasnt this suppose to be till 5pm? Well..this comes to prove the great "capability" of msian ppl bending time to fit their own agenda.

When the actual session started, the speaker gave back our results for the psychology test and a career test which we took some time ago. Both tests were objective questions which we unhappily finished in a very short time.

My results for my psychology test was erm..a little abnormal. Because my line graph didnt fit the so-called-normal graph. On the other hand, JJ and PY got the almost perfect line graph..-_-" Man..am I THAT abnormal??

The results told me that I was erm..submissive, spontaneous, and more indifferent than sensitive. Well, these were all my not-so-normal points. Other than that, I fit the graph rather well.

Thankfully I wasn't dominant and hostile, if not, I would have been called to stay back for a "one to one" session with the speakers..

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