Saturday, August 05, 2006

"shiok sendiri" 2

Another weekend and another achievement! Yeah!
Hehehe..Me the official (shiok sendiri) SS-er is so happy and proud of herself today!
Because I managed to watch the china hdvds that i bought! Previously I could play it, but only the video appeared. The audio was missing. Back then I blamed the dvd player, but it ended up the fault of the amplifier!

Well, in my house, my dad connects all the players(dvd and vcd player) to the amplifier. So everytime we use the player, we would hv to switch on the amplifier.

Since, I was rather free earlier on, I decided to try playing the dvd, again. The dvd played and only gave me visual i was about to give up, i realised the white and red "holes" on the tv.(i dont know what they are let's jz call them holes..or is it an outlet??? hmm...who cares)

main point is, i suddenly had this brilliant idea to connect the dvd player directly to the tv without going through the amplifier. Yup, i still remember how to connect dvd players to the tv, thanks to my 6days stint in the electrical apartment in tesco.

Anyways, my plan really worked!! Whee...i felt so proud of myself. Even my bros and dad didnt figure that out! Hahhaha...i'm so full of myself. heheh...

And boy, the drama is just nice! I like the lead actor. He's so darn cute....I watched more than 4hours of drama..wait,..maybe more than that...i think i spent more than 6hours in front of the idiot box. I feel like an idiot now. Hahahhaha.....XD

Ok..this is the main cover of the drama..but its so ugly.. everyone in it looks horrible. Even rainie looks ugly...

isnt this much better =) there are quite a lot of kissing scenes in throught the drama..i mean..a lot more compared to other taiwnanese dramas i watched before. day i'll hv to search online to see whether there's an SS-er club or forum or something.. If there aint one, i'll make one. Hahahha...and then all Ss-ers will be united in a BIG ss-er family.

hoho..if only that will happen ;)

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