Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Basic Training

Gyaah! I finally confirmed my position as a promoter; but its no longer for Enfa A+, instead its for NESCAFE! Wheee!! Joy for me; the half-caffeine addict^^

Yesterday I went down by bus from Klang to Phileo Damansara, with this 17 yr old gal who asked for a job the same time as me.
Two of us were a bit confused on reaching the bus stop at PJ, then we had to wait for a lrt feeder bus to get to Demo Power's office ( Demo Power is the company which is in-charge of promoters like me) Thankfully we met two gals who were there for the training too, so we succesfully reached the office in time =)

The trainers who talked to us about the product are extremely nice. To me they a group of super-fun ppl to be with. They joked a lot, made me smile a lot =)
Although I had no problem understanding the english they spoke, the other gals who went down for training had some difficulties.

Then I thought that there are so many ppl whose English are rather poor, but yet there are so many many ppl whose English are like fantastic. So where does my english standard lies? I'm guessing maybe in the middle??
But no matter what, it only comes to show that there are so sO SO many MANY ppl in this world. And I am but one human among the millions on earth. SO what makes me special? What makes me?

Once I started thinking about that, I felt old...-_-"
So, i decided to stop thinking about such questions and jz leave it to the geniuses around the world to figure out.

And today, I went down to the office again to take my basic training. (somehow all TS = Trailing Specialist are supposed to take the basic training before we can go out to give trails to consumers) And the term itself left me at awe. I mean like ppl can be so imaginative. Eg,

promoter --> Trailing SPECIALIST

And the trainer said something like this, " you see, you dont even have to get a degree and you can be a specialist!"

Yeah right! Dont cheat me la..I know i'm innocent, but i'm not THAT innocent to buy that idea. LOL =P

But overall, I think I had lots of fun. I met a junior from my sec school, and also a bunch of guys and girls who are younger than me. (yup..i'm the oldest) To make me feel older, two of them are born in 1990! 1990! Can you imagine? So young...or in other words, I'm old -_-"

Nevertheless, its fun to be around such ppl =) I'll have to thankmy fren who introduced me to DemoPower =)

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