Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy U-Zapping

Yet again, it took me so long to blog.
Anyways, many things happened since then.

1. My bf spent a week with me before flying off to czech republic.
So now I'm left alone...(i'm trying so sound pityful here to gain some attention..kekeke)
Actually its not as bad as I imagined it would be.


Basically its bcoz send sms to him only costs me RM0.20 which is like so-so cheap, considering that an sms from a 012 to a 016 number costs rm0.15!!!
Then a friend of mine told me that calls to czech costs quite cheap too. Being the innocent me, I called to my bf and chatted for only a 1min and 21 secs. Guess how much that cost?


Gyaahh!!! So So expensive! That itself is like 18 sms!!! Oh well, at least now I know that overseas call from a cellphone is a BIG no-no.

2. I am currently working at Osim, Tesco.
On the very next day of my bf's departure, I started my 1st day of my 3rd job (since my A-levels that is)
The job is rather simple, the main responsiblity is :
Sell baby, SELL!!!

Yup, sales.

Thankfully the supervisor at my outlet is a very laid-back person. He doesnt push me for sales. In fact, he is a little too laid back. He's practically out of the shop most of the time; he is either at the mobile phone shop next door chatting with his pals or he's somewhere smoking away OR he's out for a break with his pals.

On my 1st two days at work, I never made a single sale and neither did my supervisor. -_-"

Oh well, as long as I get paid and not get fired. I'm more than happy =)
(i get to use their massage chairS for free. I even get to ride the i-gallop!!
And best of all, like my friend say, I'm happy U-zapping!!

Zap those fatty layer baby!!!

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