Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Working is not easy..

It's now officially my 1st week of work!!!
Guess what?
I finally broke my record of ZERO sales for 5 days!!!
With the help of my senior colleague in the closing part, I sold an i-Squeez on Sun!!
And yesterday I sold a Noro Comfy!!

Yippie!! I finally made sales^^
BUT, both sales do not have commission! *sobs*

Actually I had wanted to quit my job yesterday, because on Sunday the area supervisor came to my outlet and said I was 'playing' with the ppl in the next store. Which unfortunately is true -_-''

So, when it was 10.30pm, he refused to let me go back, and asked me to serve another customer and make another sales...

I was like what?? o.0
But since he is the 'big' guy I obeyed. However, as I waited outside for customers, it dawned on me that I am NOT paid for overtime!

So, when my mum called me (she usually comes on time to pick me up) I went back and said I had to leave. And he said ok, which was when he told me he was not so impressed with what he saw earlier this evening, ie the incident where I chatted awhile with the lady next door.

There and then, I felt choked and soon I was crying.

Ya, I cried in front of him and my senior. How embarassing..And I dont even know WHY I cried.

Anyways, I must hv gone cuckoo that moment, coz as I was choked with my own tears, I asked him, ' Are we paid OT?'


'So, i think u do not hv the right to ask me to stay back for OT.'

'I think u misunderstood. I was jz discussing with ur senior that you all can come in for work later if u all opened the shop till 11pm. Bla, bla..'

By then I had lost all sense as one of my contact lens fell off.

'i think u should go back and rest..'

And off I went.

Now that I think of it, the whole thing was purely my fault; bcoz I cried. All bcoz of such a small matter-_-''

Needless to say, that incident ended up a laughing stock among my senior and his pals from the shop next door..Haih..

I think I'm gonna stay around in Osim a little longer and see how the outcome is. If I ever cry again bcoz of the job, I'll seriously quit!
(or maybe not =P)


Angelus said...

sigh... lil gal.. thought u damn strong one

Izza said...

Izza here..

Man, u worked at OSIM Tesco? I could've met u there! such a working experience u got there..!

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