Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sample Questions for the IMU interview

Now that I've finally got over my IMU interview at Bkt Jalil on Tues, let me share with you some of the possible questions that are most likely to be recycled, or reused.

1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Why did you choose to do a course in Pharmacy?

3. What qualities do you have to make a good pharmacist?

4. Why do you choose IMU to do this course?

5. What have you found out about the course you want to take?
(we JPA scholars are going to do M Pharm or Masters in Pharmacy, NOT B.Pharm)

6. Solution to given situation(s)
[ The one I got was pretending that I was a rich man on a journey to an important event. On the journey I saw an accident where there is a seriously injured person. What would I do? ]

7. Creative question
[ I didnt get this one, but previously this question is rather popular]
eg, Give 10 uses of an item (example, hairpin, a bundle of keys, pencil, etc)

I think that is all about the questions.

Duration of the interview is around 20-30 mins.
There'll be two interviewers present.
Dressing code: formal wear (skirts above knee length is acceptable)

In case there are those who want more information on our pharmacy course, do visit
[IMU]'s main page.

To be honest, I think as long as we get the interview, we are all confirmed a place in IMU. So..Don't worry about it =)
To my friends who havent go for the interview,
All the best!

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Anonymous said...

hi, i am going to imu for an interview for dentistry on thursday. this entry has been a big help in helping me mentally prepare myself. i was a nervous wreck (still am, but significantly calmer, i hope)!

thank you. not many people are as big hearted and as willing to help others out.


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