Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i-gallop baby!

After I blogged yesterday, I sat down and browsed the classified section of TheStar; I was job-hunting. The higher pay the job is, the better. Sadly most higher paying jobs are usually based in PJ or KL, which is rather far from my place *sobs*

However, I still called up a few companies asking for the location of their office(which i silently prayed would either be near a bus stop or a ktm station) Results were none of them were convenient for me. So, I decided to fall back on my initial plans of working for Tesco.

Upon reaching Tesco, I reloaded my credit at a telephone shop, which put up a vacancy notice! One word from my big mouth got the fella looking for an interview form for me to fill. Unfortunately, the pay is a little too low, Rm800 for a month, exclusive of commision. And working hours are from 9.30am till 10.30pm.-_-"
Although I was a little daunted by the pay, I finished filling the form.

Next to the shop is an Osim outlet. Then came flashbacks of me telling my friends and bf jokingly that I should work in osim so that I can use their U-zap everyday!(getting paid while losing weight is such a great bargain^^)

So I walked into the shop and asked whether they wanted to employ ppl (there was no notice put up though) Hohoho^^ he got me a form which I happily filled up and I was asked to go back for a 2nd interview tmr =)

The pay is Rm1300 a month, but the working hours are similar to the telephone shop.However, if I survive the 3 month probation, my pay will increase to Rm1600! Whee.. yet again, 13 hours per day is a little too much.. Oh well, being only an A-level graduate with minimal working experience, I think I do not have the right to bargain..

Let's pray that I'll get through the 2nd interview by the manager. and then instead of seeing me promoting nescafe, you could see me sitting on an i-gallop (like the ads minus the skimpy clothings).

p/s: the supervisor which gave me the form said my employment is VERY likely to happen, but I've gotta keep it a secret from the manager XD

Anyways,I had some free time which I used unproductively to take silly pictures using my phone

I'm in jail!! Hahha..silly huh?

Next is an "oldies" kind of picture, in which my nose looks huge =(

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