Monday, September 18, 2006

Saliva+tired legs+long hours-->$$$$

I think its been quite some time since I posted something. Anyways, let me start off where I stopped, which is on Thurs when I was supposedly going for my 2nd interview at the Osim outlet in Tesco.

Unfortunately, the guy who gave my my 1st interview didnt call me. So I was basically wasting my time watching anime(Paradise Kiss) online on youtube.

In the afternoon, I continued with the korean drama and I successfully finished off the whole 16-episodes which were crammed into ONE dvd. Thus the quality of some episodes were pretty crappy. All u get is distorted movements of the actors and no audio, only subtitles in chinese!

Being a "banana" I can only read very simple chinese characters like, me, u, love, etc..Thankfully, the storyline is rather simple and I understood the whole story.

Anyways, back to reality. I went to the Osim outlet during the night and asked about my 2nd interview. The guy who interviewed me was on his day-off, so the guy who was on duty called his supervisor or manager. After the call, he told me that he doesnt think I'll have to come back for a 2nd interview, the supervisor will take a look at my application form and then they'll give me a call. (so I thought I had no chance of getting employed anymore..)

Thankfully Padini had called me up earlier on Thurs afternoon and asked me which outlet I would like to be interviewed. The lady then said she'll pass my CV to the marketing ppl and they'll contact me, which till now hasnt happened...

On Friday, I spent my day cleaning up the house as usual and later on went swimming. Right after I washed the toilet, I weighed myself. Guess what?? The weighing machine showed me my long-lost-weight of 48kg!! Yippie^^ I'm thin again~ bla bla~ Kekeke^^

And on Sat and Sun, I worked like mad with a minor sorethroat. When I asked my supervisor about my pay, she said I'll only receive it END of next month! *sobs*

Anyways, its a good thing that I didnt get my pay deducted cause I heard from a friend that he got his pay deducted! So instead of getting his promised rm70 a day, he only gets rm50!! Scary huh? It seems that someone had complained about his laziness and greediness to my supervisor. Lo and behold, he got a call from her and was told his pay is only rm50 a day. LOL^^ Poor guy..

Btw, after working as a promoter for 4 days, I can finally conclude that money does not come easy. Although the pay is quite high(its usually rm70 a day, but my project is rm100 a day; most probably cause its under Nestle) Being a promoter, U'll have to waste loads of saliva talking to customers, telling them how good the product is and so on. Not only that, I have to boil hot water and brew all 4 flavours of Nescafe BodyPartner! FOUR! So my booth is packed with 4 airpots, 4 packs of the product, cups and a tray. And before and after I work, I'll have to wash all four airpots and also the tray..=( I also have to throw rubbish..somehow my rubbish bin always, ALWAYS gets full. I'll have to throw out the litter every 2 hours or so.

And now during the 3rd and 4th day, I'm getting good in identifying customers who are really interested in buying and those who are out for freebies. However I can't say anything bad about ppl who drink and dont buy, because that's human nature..

But one thing that seriously pisses me off is the type of ppl who have loads of kids; not one or two, but 4-5 kids! I mean like its HOT coffee, yet the parents insist on me giving a cup to EVERY single kid.

Common la~ U ppl never hear about sharing ah?? Duh..

And then if u dont pour for them, they have the guts to stand around the booth until u do so!!!

Another interesting thing is about a "mentally retarded" kid who went around EVERY single booth in Jusco to take drinks and food. And he wore such weird clothes. I mean like where can u find a guy who wears a bright yellow shirt and a purple-pink pants. Another promoter even told me that she and the aunties were suspecting that he doesnt wear an underwear!!! (so I guess Aunties really DO look at guys' butt..)

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