Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Being a currently unemployed girl, I usually sit in front of the idiots' box watching dvds (mainly anime or dramas, currently i'm watching a korean drama called, "my sister-in-law is 19yrs old, which i missed when it was on tv)

While feeding my eyes on nonsensical situations of the drama, I knit, or previously I did some crochet-ing.

Yup, I knit. Being a friend of the feline creature, I have picked up their habits of playing around with yarn. ( However i doubt we'll see a msian born car playing with yarn..yet again..western influence on our society) Maybe one day i should leave the left over yarn I have and see whether a cat would drop by and play with it. Haha^^

Anyways, I have started off with crochet cause I wanted to make a scarf for my bf. Once I began with my first project, I realised that crocheting is too time consuming. So I switched to knitting on my 4th project.

^my 1st attempt ended up as an unused "hand warmer" for my dad^

2nd project is a maroon coloured scarf which is with my bf, so there's no image for me to upload.

^3rd project^

I used a finer yarn and a thicker crochet needle and ended up with a very long scarf..kinda girly huh? (my bf choose the colours himself..hehe)

^4th project^

It's still under progress, and is my very 1st attempt in knitting.
I learnt knitting from a friend, but I didnt hv the tools to practice and so i forgot the steps.
When I was at sungai wang with my bf, we bumped into this shop filled with yarns. So I stopped by and got the owner to teach me how to knit!
In the end, I ended up with 3 balls of yarns and 2 knitting sticks.

The colour of the yarn is really nice^^ I jz love the colour blue!

But then, its so so expensive! (it's rm14.90 in case u cant see clearly)
A yarn made of pure cotton is even more expensive! I think its around rm25!
What a killer -_-"

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