Monday, September 18, 2006

IMU Interview!!!

Gyaah!! I'm finally gonna get my IMU interview!! (it took my A-Level Program Head, Pn R, such a long time to send in my IMU application form along with my other friends one too. I had passed mine to her like mayb 2/3 weeks ago, and they were only sent in to IMU LAST friday, talk about procrastination-_-")

Anyways, Miss A called me jz now and asked me when to schedule my interview because I had selected the earlier weeks of Sept( which co-incidently have ALL I guess that took Pn R ONE month to send in the forms..)

Well, I guess I'll jz have to get my certificates and my formal attire ready because my interview is due for TMR!! Yup, the scary interview where the interviewers ask you to name 10 usage of an object, and expect u to know how to answer them within a few minutes..*sigh* Now i'm getting paranoid..I'm wondering what to questions I'll get and how do I answer them. Eg..

Q:Why do U want to take a course in Pharmacy?
A: Err...cause I think its the one course that appeals to me other than medicine. (Honestly, I think its because you can get big bucks jz dispensing medication to ppl)

Q:Can you name me some medication you know of and their usage?
A: I know Panadol is for headaches and all. There's also cough syrup and all.(Actually, I'm clueless...I think paracetamol is the only one i know of..)

What else can they ask huh? I dunno..I guess I'll know it tmr..

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