Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yeah~ Problems Solved!

I finally got my laptop fixed!

Both problems; virus & audio has been settled!!

How did I do it?

Problem 1 -Virus
Solution : Reboot the entire windows.

Yea...I had to deleted the entire windows and reboot the reformat the entire system. Well, of course my brother helped me out with this. My bros are such sweet creatures^^

Problem 2 - No Audio
Solution : Re-installing drivers and utilities after reformatting the system

Haha^^ I guess every dark cloud has a silver lining. Bcoz right after I reformat the whole windows, I had to re-install all the drivers for my laptop. And this time I did it without the help of my brother.
At first I thought the audio driver wouldn't load properly like the first time, BUT to my amazement, it did!!

I can't express my excitement when I heard the sound of a pop-up or the sound of windows shutting down! Lol..

So right now, my laptop is all good!
This time around, I'm extra careful as not do download anything from the net. All the programs that I need were all taken from my desktop at home and transfered to my laptop.

Now, the only thing my laptop lacks are games!!
But then again, games aren't really my thing. Unless its some RPG game like Final Fantasy..

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