Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the season of sharing and caring..Opps..that's for Christmas.LOL

Anyways, CNY is the time for me to

1. get "angpaos" (or red packets with money in it)

2. eat loads of stuff; namely 'bah gua' or 'rou gan' (i.e dried pork or chicken meat), kams(mandarin oranges) AND my favourite 'kuih kapek' *yummy*

3. gamble

4. watch fireworks display

5. Chinese New Year Ads on TV ( I love watching CNY advertisements, especially those produced by Petronas. They're always meaningful and touching. [Here's] this years' ad)

To be honest, number 3 and 4 are actually illegal in Malaysia, yet U can still see many ppl conducting these activities, which of course is a good thing because that is what Chinese New Year is ALL about!
Imagine, no gambling nor firecrackers or fireworks display on Chinese New Year..
That'll be the worst chinese new year *sobs*

Yup, gambling and playing with fireworks or firecrackers are actually banned in Malaysia. BUT, of course there are some legal places where u can gamble in Malaysia--> Genting's Casino

Anyways, although there was a major crackdown on fireworks earlier this year by the government [The Star] so there were fewer firework displays this year around. =(

But here's some shots of the festive period^^
^my friends and I^

^My cousin, Penny and I^

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