Wednesday, February 21, 2007

so much for simplicity

yea..screw simplicity.

At first I was thinking to myself that a simple and nice skin for my blog would be nice.

BUT, matter how 'nice' a simple skin is, the one I have now is way TOO bare!*sobs*

As I was looking for a nicer skin to suit my mood, I bumped into this girl's blog.
Her blog had this super pink and nice skin!!
I was filled with envy as I browsed through her page, especially when I found out she made the skin by herself!
In this case, ignorance is bliss.

Because ever since I saw her blog and clicked on other of her 'recommended' blogs, all I wanted to do was quit blogging and hide myself under some thousands of tons of soil -_-''

Anyways, its CHINESE New Year!! The year of the Boar^^
SO let's be merry and happy all year long!

1 comment:

Izza said...

ur second last paragraph is SUPER hilarious!

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