Sunday, March 18, 2007

I'm (finally) a University Student!!!

Yeah! I'm officially a university student!!!

After more than 7 months of working (and also 'rotting' @ home) I'm in University at the age of 20+.
Yup, I know its a little late compared to other students (especially those who did S.A.M in Taylors' College). But heck, there are almost 30 other students my age to accompany me! Hehe^^ AND, there are a few who are older than me too!

Life in Uni = fun, fun and FUN.
Studies in Uni = boring and completely UN-understandable

Basically, being students in our 1st semester, there aren't that many classes. Although sometimes classes do drag on till 5pm, BUT there's still plenty of time for fun.
For example,
1. Steamboat sessions @ home
2. Gatherings @ home (watching DVDs)
3. Going out for mamak
4. Going out for movies

And, in all of these sessions, I've heard more than a dozen of 'lame' jokes (-_-'') which still made me laugh. (Does this indirectly mean I'm a lame person? LOL)

However, the only downside to staying there is that I do not have any internet connection in the apartment. (basically its bcoz streamyx doesn't have coverage there, and the other providers are really expensive)

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Angelus said...

so i'm also what.. at the ag of 19 woohoo.. there's a lot of cute german guys in my class.. with blue eyes somemore interested?

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