Saturday, April 28, 2007


My uploading speed is super SLOW!

I was uploading the videos of the ribbon dance during Intercultural Week on YouTube,
the file was only about 70-80Mb,
BUT is took me almost an hour to upload! (maybe more than one hour too!!! *sigh*)

My uploading speed was only an average of 20Kb...Kb!!!!
Imagine my distress..-_-''

So I could only upload one darn video yesterday night.
I didnt even have the chance to upload the Chinese wedding video which I edited yesterday.

So earlier on, I wanted to upload the video.
To my horror, I realised that the maximum size for the video is 100Mb,
while the file which I saved was 132 Mb!!!!

What the #$%#^&...

SO much for my hardwork.

AND to make matters worse, I deleted my project file permanently.

So..I had to re-make a new project file using the final video I did..
and windows movie maker sliced the whole video up...-_-''

Maybe it's because I don't know what else to do...I told you I'm a Windows Movie Maker idiot didnt i? *double sigh*

So now, after redo-ing the whole thing,
I uploaded the video.

This time, the speed was MUCH slower..---> an average of 10kb/s

I'm practically rotting...

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