Friday, May 18, 2007

Its been so long since I blogged!
Now, before I start my long winded story about the reason I didnt blog for so long, let me jz re-cap what happened today.

Today's lectures are boring as usual.
I am usually awake at the beginning of the lecture, BUT usually around 20-30mins later..I'll be nodding off. (there are also cases where I start falling asleep as soon as 10mins of the lecture!)

Then later in the afternoon, I had a Biopharmacy lab session which made me feeling like I should have never chose to study pharmacy. -_-''

Once I got back from lab, I packed all my stuff and took the train(s) back to Klang.
I said trainS because I had to transit in THREE different stations to get back Klang.
And, on this journey back, I timed myself.
Gues what?

I took me 2hours to reach Klang -_-''
this made me feel

1. KLang is really a kampung for being so far from KL
2. KTMB's services are ALWAYS lousy.
In fact, I doubt they really EVER made any improvements to the system.

All they know is to add more and more stations BUT NEVER adding more trains.

So, as a result, the trains come less frequently and takes a longer journey to reach each station.

I'm not a genius in management or anything so don't blame me if I get the facts wrong.

BUT, I think that the problems can be solved by re-arranging ALL the trains' journey.
For example, by making transits at every 5 to 10 stations so that each train doesn't have to take a long route.

Or simply by adding more trains!

Now, I think I've said enough about KTM services to made one go insanely stressed, especially if one usually takes the KTM.

Now, once I reached Klang, I went for dinner with my parents and did some shopping.
While having dinner, my bro got a free spiderman3 t-shirt from the emcee of the Sony Ericsson roadshow in Klang. ^^

And now, I'm back at home blogging, and watching unlimited videos on youtube, reading other girls' blog. Lol^^

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