Monday, May 21, 2007

I think I blew my test

Well, I have never been an extremely bright student. I'm only average. If I study I might score ok or sometimes good. BUT if I don't study, chances are I'll blow the whole paper I'm sitting for.

I'm not like some really smart people who have photogenic memory and can remember and memorize all they read in a short while. How I wish I were.

BUT, for the physiology test I sat for this didn't matter how much I could remember.
All because I didn't do a good job in time management.

It was an hour test where we're supposed to write on essay worth 30marks for our semester end exams.

I read the question, and it was something which I had already read and memorized;
all we had to do was write about,

1. the function of autonomic nervous system,
2 . the process involved between the neuroeffector junction for parasympathetic system,
3. the process involved between the neuroeffector junction sympathetic system.

I planned everything on the question sheet, and started writing my essay.
As I was engrossed in writing, the examiner said we only had 15mins left.
Guess what?

By then, I had only completed the 1st part of the essay. I haven't even started on part 2 and 3!!!

So I tried to speed up, but my hands ended up shaking so badly that all the words turned into some contorted ECG-like spikes -_-''

Thus, I resorted to using my pencil (but it didn't make much difference) my writing still looked terrible.

In the end, I forgot so many of the points and completed the 2nd and 3rd part of the essay within 1 page and my conclusion was sadly decreased to 1 miserable line.

Sheesh..hopefully the examiner likes my long-winded introduction and will give me credit for my efforts. (let's keep my fingers crossed)

This is the part of my life in uni that I absolutely dislike: tests and exams.


chel said...

hey... no worries// i don think i did that well aso... no time arhhhh.....

misz ade said...

hey,don't worry dear..

Anonymous said...
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Angelus said...

hey... kinda feel sad for u too..but then 30 marks only what ^^... thought uni life is just aim for pass.. geez i'm teahing u all the wrong stuffs.. maybe u should try out how to write like a guy always straght to teh point.. maybe it will work out nicely next time

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