Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm gonna work for 5 days^^

Woke up rather early today so that Cucu and I could attend the training for our promoter job in Midvalley.

As we reached Wisma Consplant, which is next to Subang Parade and also a 10-minute walk from the Subang ktm station,
I called the Angie (the lady who got me the job) to ask her which floor will the training be held at.

To my horror, she told me that we were at the WRONG place!!

What the @%^#!!

The venue was supposed to be in Phileo Damansara!

Thus, the two 'lost' girls walked all the way back to the ktm station!
We crossed the main road in front of subang parade a couple of times cause we weren't sure which side of the road to wait for the bus!

Thankfully, we managed to board a Rapid KL bus and successfully reached Phileo Damansara in one piece with extra time for our breakfast as Angie was running late^^

At the training, we meet a 1988 girl whose looks were simply exotic.
She had this healthy tan and her complexion was fantastic.

Guess what?

She's assigned to a modeling/event agency and has worked in F1 races in Sepang. For each day she gets a basic of rm250! Basic only leh!

Anyways, main point is, she's so pretty. Hehe^^ Can't wait to work along with her this coming Sat and Sun.
So guys, if you wanna catch a glimpse of that exotic girl, come to Mid Valley this weekend. She'll be in the lower ground floor, in front of KFC.
*no, i'm not that exotic girl..
though I wish I were...hahaha^^*

Btw, I just got back home today and checked my results online...



DjMeiMei said...

i wan to see!! i wan to see!!
must take her photo o... remember o!!!

WeneT said...

haha...i will...
but she's exotic ya..might not be pretty to ur taste wor

DjMeiMei said...

i don mind one.. hehhe

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