Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's one of days where u feel like crying...


It's ONE of those extremely rare days, where I feel like a complete fool, filled with so much emotions, that I just want to cry.

There's no logic behind this.

I just feel like it.

It's the way I release stress.

Well, to be honest, the reason was because I met up with my ex-bf this afternoon.

I knew I shouldn't have.

It left me feeling darn emotional.

Emotions are only feelings.

And, feelings are not real.

They're all made up in our mind, along with some 'emotion-releasing-hormones'

I felt like crying when I saw his teary eyes.

I felt like crying when he gave me back the soft toy I gave him.

I felt like crying while I was on the ktm, as I was heading back home.
And, I did. I cried on the stupid ktm in front of god-knows how many people.

Now, if I cry so much for my ex, it means I still have feelings for him.

BUT, what kind of feelings?


I myself don't know.

All that I know is,

It's just not right for us to be together.


DjMeiMei said...

yiyi.. its good tat u cry rather than keepin everything inside.. but.. after tis no more cryin o.. its all over... be tough k..

rachel said...


ex-es can do alot of hurt and shit to us even after the break up...

it really sucks... but what i've learnt is that we are actually stronger than we think and we can get thru it... so stay strong..

see ya soon...:)

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