Friday, August 31, 2007


For the past few weeks I've been rather caught up with my uni life.

Was busy doing numerous stuff, such as

1. the banner for the Blood Donation Drive for IMU's buddhist society.
2. the poster for the Blood Donation Drive..
3. Lab report...
4. Swimming practice
5. Cheerleading pracitce
6. My promoter job during weekends(thank goodness it has ended!)

Among the 5 above, cheerleading sucks up most of my energy.
We have cheerleading practice every Monday till Thurs, 8pm-10pm, though we usually end up going back much later than 10pm cause we start the practice late..*sigh*

To make matters worse, I had to be the 'base' and not a 'flyer' cause apparently I'm too heavy to be one * b.m.i is only 18 for pete's sake!*

And as a 'base', me and another girl had to carry one flyer up with our bare hands till the flyer is at our shoulder level! Imagine that!
Thus, I have larger and more muscular biceps than before...well, I can't really complain about getting more muscular because I think I'll need every ounce of muscle to help me swim faster during IMU cup.

During my 'training' for swimming the other day, I had my period, but I still insisted on going because it was our very first training together with a state or was it district swimmer.
Anyways, due to that, I had used my very first tampon.

The whole experience of getting it in was so horrifying that I hope it'll be the LAST time I ever use a tampon! LOL^^

Currently, it's the Merdeka holidays, so I've been getting all the rest that I've missed out over the weeks.
I guess I have been pushing myself to my limits that my one of my friends commented this,

'I think you've lost weight.
Your face looks slimmer, look kinda haggard..'

Me? Haggard?
Okay, I confess, it's true...
my dark circles have been getting darker and darker,
and I haven't been getting much sleep so lately I don't put any make-up when I go for classes.

Sigh, guess I need to rely on make-up to brighten my face.
Either that, or I'll need to get more than 8 hours of sleep this few days at home!

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DjMeiMei said...

hahhahha... make sure u really sleep kau kau o!! don go here shopping, go there shopping o!!
some more say tmr wanna go lim teh... hhahhahha... sure or not o u???

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