Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My apartment got flooded...

It's not a joke.

My apartment DID get flooded.
Though it's really rare to hear about such incidents, it DID happen, and most importantly, it was MY apartment -.-''

My apartment has this really spacious balcony which my housemates and I have simply forgotten about it.
We haven't cleaned it since we moved into our apartment.
Thus, there were quite a number of 'items' that clogged our drainage system.

Some of the items include,
-dried leaves
- plastic toys (most likely from kids staying @ higher levels)
- an empty Cloret's "box"
- Algae
- Wall paint which peeled off

Yup, all THAT was outside our balcony; talk about girls and cleanliness? Nah...we fail in portraying that. LOL^^

Anyways, right after I got back from emcee-ing @ IMU Buddhist Society's Welcoming Party,
I had to face the aftermath of the flood, well not all of it as my house mates who got back earlier cleaned up the inner part of the house.

BUT, I was the one who had to clean up the balcony which then looked like a mini swimming pool with water at least 1 inch high. Haha^^

After that, I had to dry my book shelf which got wet, along with the books at the lower compartment which were a little wet as well.
Thus, there goes another night.

I have been planning to sleep early this few days as I'm falling sick; getting down with flu and a minor sore throat and headache.

But, somehow there's always things to be covered by the end of the day.
For instance, on Sunday night I had to prepare the ribbons which we're gonna use this Saturday for our ribbon dance (again) for IMU's charity run.

Then on Mon, the flood happened. *sigh*

Then last night, I was busy with the Buddhist Society Activities..

Oh well, I can't complain much can I?
At least I still have time to blog. LOL^^

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Anonymous said...

wah! didnt know that IMU uni life can be THIS interesting! haha... jealous lei.... although it's tiring, but it's worth it, dont you think so? but gotta take care lo... if not i'll only get you one souvenir from here, which is scotland-made cough syrup, hahaha

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