Saturday, October 13, 2007

Post Bioscience Test

After my Bioscience test, I've morphed into an easily excited being.

The very thought of going out shopping or 'jalan-jalan' makes me extremely happy.
Thus, after the test, all I did was
> going out,
> playing with facebook
> shopping

I didn't even have time to download stuff through the internet.
In fact it feels like ages since I last downloaded something from the net. *sigh..i miss downloading*

Hehe^^ but now, since that I am back in Klang, I think I'm gonna start on my downloading spree, again! Haha^^

I forgot to take pictures of the two pairs of heels which I bought from MidValley on Monday. *sigh* I really should a picture of it before I wear them off.
I have a tendency to spoil my heels.
I'm UN-lady-like apparently, so, my heels can never last me long.

I bought two heels because Renly told me that a lady should have at least two pairs of heels,
one white and one black.
So...I did EXACTLY that!
Haha^^ I got one white and one black.
And the both of them only costed me RM71. *happy happy*

So, in this week, I have
> watched TWO movies - Resident Evil & The Seekers.
> visited TWO newly opened part of - Pyramid & MidValley's Gardens
> went clubbing @ Maisons' *again*

By the way, something amusing happened the when we drove back from Maisons.
A red myvi followed or trailed our car, driven by my lovely 19-year-old batchmate.
Inside the car was 3 chinese guys, whom I presume just got back from clubbing as well.
I noticed them when we stopped at the same junction in KL.
And they followed us all the way on the Seremban Highway.

Thankfully they didn't follow us back to our apartment. LOL^^

Oh well, here are some pictures^^
Renly's ramen @ kimgary.. ain't it cute? *smiley*

Gardens, Mid Valley! It's so nice, but maybe a little too-classy for me..XD
The best thing, is their toilet and their touch screen information board^^

PohYee's Udon @ Gasoline, Times Square. *Yummy!*
(Gasoline is a new cafe in Times Square, near GSC cinema. Food is ok, pricing is reasonable, and most of all the atmosphere is Unique!. They've got really cool layouts)

Me, with a large cup of Mango Juice @ Gasoline^^

Me (again^^) with our 'makan table' in Gasoline. We all sat on cushions on the floor, kinda like a japanese style thingy where u can't wear shoes. I liked the table's motive, it's so NICE!!

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