Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Golden Compass

Well, after the blogging spree two days ago.

I decided to take a break from blogging, and start packing for my vacation.

Thus, I spent almost the WHOLE day, planning of what outfit to bring for my 3day2night's trip to singapore, and also for my China trip.

Yup, I take a VERY long time to pack. = =
I will choose my clothings to match with my shoe,
and try the outfit to see how it looks.
( a friend said that I'm vain just because I do that..lol^^)

Well, I know most guys just grab a few shirts, and undies, and towel, and chuck it inside their bags, and wear a jeans for vacation, without thinking about questions like,

"Does this shirt match my shoes?"
"Does the color of my shirt clash with the jeans?"
"Do I need to bring a formal wear, just in case?"

Ya. I think about all that when I pack. *sweats*

I know it's a time consuming action, which serves no significant purpose.
Yet, the joy of trying out my own clothes,

The joy trying out the different ways I can wear them,

IS just sooo satisfying~~

Anyways, later that day, I went to India street with my parents,
came home, packed some more,
then went out to watch Golden Compass with Ben and Mei .

The movie was so-so.
Nothing much to shout about.
I've never really been a fan of movies, where their lead characters are children or young adults. (remember The Seekers, Narnia, and also the very first Harry Potter movie?)
It's not like I hate to see children act,
it just happens that I prefer movies with dashing lead actors like Johnny Depp^^ *giggles*

And the cinema was so darn cold! It has been raining quite a lot in Klang lately.
Hopefully it WON'T rain in Singapore these coming days,
if NOT I will miss my chance to take pictures!! Hahaha^^
(I keep telling my friends I wanna go places just to take photos that they just ignore me = =)

So, I will be gone, and coming back soon^^
Hopefully I will have time to blog and upload pictures of singapore on the 14th!
So till then, I will miss my blog~~~ lalala~~

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