Sunday, December 09, 2007

My birthday party

Yes, although my birthday ended,
I insisted on celebrating it,
simple because it's my 21st birthday!!!

Hehe^^ I prepared fruit salad and also pasta for the party.
(and I also made jelly, which was a complete failure *sobs* it was watery, and tasted...bad *sigh*)

Anyways, less talk more pictures!
(because my fingers are kinda tired now, it's my 4th post today!!!!!!)

Yes, I know it's maddening to put up 4 post within a day!
But come next week, I won't be free because I'll be going down Singapore and Xiamen, China!!!
(i.e I will be M.I.A = missing in action from the 12-22nd of December~~)

And when I get back from my vacation, I think I will be out most of the time because Christmas and New Year is just around the corner!!!! *so so excited*

Oh, pictures pictures~~
my bro's friends and i and my birthday cake^^

my girls and i^^

My family^^

The guys and i~

my presents and i^^
( i must mention that the vase used to hold the roses is also a present!)

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