Sunday, December 09, 2007


Now, let's talk about Incovar.

Incovar actually stands for INter COllege VARsity.
It's actually a dhamma camp for students, and since I am a member of IMU's Buddhist Society, I was introduced to it.

Lo and behold, *poof*
I was there at the camp!

Lol~ I'm just joking ;p Anyways, the camp was held RIGHT after my physiology exam.
Camp details:

Venue: Klang Coast Buddhist Association (KCBA)
Date: 29th November - 2nd December 2007

Yup, just by looking at the date, you'll know that I celebrated my birthday there ;p
And I was told by one of the organizing committee that I'm the first girl he knew who celebrated her 21st birthday in an INCOVAR camp.

(if you don't know my birthday.....
make a guess, it's one of these four days stated above;
which means you have a 25% of guessing it correctly!!! LOL^^)

Anyways, the camp was okay, minus the hard cement floor as my bed (that's why I had to get my mum to bring me a sleeping bag on the second night..*yes, I know I am pampered =)*

Learned a few stuff during the camp,
> Being mindful (ya, lately this word keeps appearing in my vocabulary list)
> spreading Metta (loving kindness^^)
I met lots of new people as well =)

Group Pic^^

November and December babies~~~

ME, chin yeong and the puzzle of the day^^

Well, after four days of vegetarian food...

We (IMU students and also other participants and committee members of the camp) headed off to the nearest Bah Kut Teh stall in Klang which was still opened at night ~~> Pandamaran.

Yummy Bah Kut Teh~~~ *tempting ain't it?*

The group picture of the meat-eating people that night^^

Yup, more than 30 of us went to savour delicious pork meat at the small stall.
The "aunty" must have been very happy to see so many of us;
cause the more people eating means the more to"untung" ~~

Ohh...i ALMOST forgot about the MOST entertaining "Clap of the year"!!!!

It's called "tepuk yeoh-ah-yeoh" (it's in hokkien and can be translated directly to "The shake shake Clap" LOL~~)

it goes,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh ,
*clap clap* yeoh-ah-yeoh- ah-yeoh- ah-yeoh!!!!

(okay, it may sound weird here, but when it's said by more than 60 energetic participants, it ROCKS~~~ )

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