Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chap Goh May

Chap goh may is valentine's day according to the Chinese tradition,
where single girls or women,
head to rivers or seasides, or even the "longkang", as long as there is water! LOL!!
I'm just jk, "longkang" is not in the list of places to throw mandarin oranges. ;p

Well for me,
there's no need to throw any mandarin oranges (and if I need to throw them, it'll be because they are starting to rot; like those in my fridge -_-'')
So, off I went to Shogun for a sumptuous Japanese meal with my bf^^

The price is pretty reasonable.
A dinner buffet on weekdays cost Rm 55++
while lunch buffet on weekdays is only Rm 45++

Food is plentiful.
You have seafood (unagi, salmon, softcrab, osyters etc)
You can eat them raw, or fried as tempura, and of course, in the form of sushi.

Drinks are the usual free-flow drinks like your Nestle Mango/orange/mixed fruit juice/ribena.
Nestle's Hot drink dispenser machine and even the Mashed potato machine.

Ice cream flavours which I can remember are corn, green tea, vanilla, chocolate and erm..(I forgot the rest -_-'')

Due to my lack of memory, I'll use the help of visual aids!! LOL^^

This is a complimentary Oyster^^
For every single person who eats buffet there.
Filled with cheese~ seasoned with garlic~ It was yummy^^

And BABY OCTOPUS^^ I like it soo much...
but I didn't have the chance for seconds, as I was bloated after finishing the below~

by the time my bf and I were done with the 4 plates, we were bloated!
So we walked around a couple of rounds,
and at the mean time, I took small pieces of Lamb Shank and a bowl of shark fins soup.
After that, we decided to get some desserts... and ice cream^^

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Anonymous said...

hey! Anson brought me there one-on-one for my birthay last year too!
-blushing- hahaha

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