Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I havent been blogging lately...meh~

lately I can't think of anything much to update...LOL~
maybe its cause I hv someone to share my daily activities to,
instead of telling them to my blog.. LOL~
*poor blog~~ don't worry, I promise not the let my precious blog rot away~~*

The most significant thing that has happened so far would be the fact that I went to a gynaecologist, for a check-up in a private hospital last Saturday.
I went there because I haven't have my period for 10 weeks..

wah leh~ got bf liao didn't come period lah~
go get a pregnancy test kit lah~

In case that's what you naughty ppl are thinking,
Dream on lah~
My bf and I aren't as naughty as u think.. LOL...
my period has always been irregular ever since.....
since I got my periods lah~
The longest I went was 3 months without period during National Service back in 2004!!

Back to story, I went to the gynae,
got an ultrasound test done,
and guess what???

The gynae said that I have PCOS.
What is PCOS?'s not Personal Computer Operating System.. LOL

It's PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.
So what's wrong with it?
Google it and you'll know... rofl....

Main point is, there are cysts in my ovaries,
thus making my ovum release irregular.
And, it may also cause hormone imbalance in my body,
making pregnancy difficult..

And the best part is,
there is NO cure..

Oh well, I'm jz making it sound scary.
The gynae says its a pretty common disease among today's woman.
In fact 3-4% of women have it.
So, there's ntg much to worry, unless the day comes when I wanna give birth.
Only then, would there be a need for me to take hormone pills....
Other than that, I'm all healthy!
Plus, I have the benefit of not getting periods on a monthly basis.. LOL~~


ed.chisum said...

lol. :) thank goodness you are fine.

york said...

u NS which camp oh?

3-4% is uncommon..if u say 40% common la...

WenYi said...

haha~ NS at terengganu, kem kuala berang

york said...

me also terengganu..far from u... setia:D

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