Monday, February 25, 2008


First Encounter Assault Recon (FEAR)

It's actually a game, with loads of shooting, but fear not,
I'm not gonna talk about the game cause I've not played it..LOL~

FEAR is actually the name of my group's name during paint ball session yesterday @ Bkt Jalil Family Park.
60 students i.e 6 groups joined the session!! And among all, I think my groups' name is the best. ;p
The rest are
1. "Hak Yee" = Pengemis = beggar
2. Invinsible
3. Vantage Point
4. Voodoo
5. Sesat = Lost

ROFL! See...I told you my team sounds the best.. hahaha~
But it's only a name, my team didn't even get to compete in the final round *sigh*

we got a really nice group pic editted by Jason Lim.

Woot!!! So "yeng".... muahahaha~~

Another group pic^^ but with 3 more girls missing....

Finally, the house mates (minus the Daddy) and Sin ye~

We paid rm30 for 50 pellets, but I DIDN'T shot all 50 *sigh*

Mainly because the first round went pass sooooo FAST,
that I barely had time to shot,
I died twice and had to go back to my base to "restart",
and the next thing I knew,
the marshall said "GAME OVER"! Meh~~~

Thankfully, during the second round,
our team was smarter,
and I hid behind a realllly good spot, which enabled me to shot people easily!
After that shooting spree of mine, I was more than delighted to put away the "gun"...

However, apparently those who played paintball before,
commented that the facilities and rules set isn't as good as other places like the Extreme park in Sunway.

Well, it was my first,
and I expected at least for us to shot all 50 of our pellets cause we paid for them right?
But's not the case... = =
I don't think any of us used up our 50 pellets/person...

And each game only lasted for 5mins at max,
meaning I only played a total of 10 mins that day....

Then again, it's worth it to gain a first hand experience in playing paintball =)

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