Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year~

It's the eve of Chinese New Year^^
But somehow the excitement is less compared to previous years *sigh*
Somehow I don't hear Chinese New Year songs being played that often..
wait...maybe it's because I didn't shop that much this year.. LOL^^

Anyways, I realized that I missed out a few posts.
For starters,
I went to Malaya University (UM) last Wednesday,
for their Malam Irama Bodhi (M.I.B),
which is an annual event organized by UM's Buddhist Society.
Surprisingly, I met up with a few ppl whom I didn't expect to meet.
So, I took pics with them^^ (but unfortunately I haven't got the pictures yet, it's still with my room mate)

However here are a few pictures which I "stole" from Angeline's blog. LOL~~
Angeline is my eye-electrifying partner whom I met during Incovar Camp.
Hehe~ and she was not the only one from incovar that I met.
There was Fatt 哥, wennie and erm a future dentist (whose name I forgot *sigh*)

hehe^^ I really like Angeline's blog.. she is sooo good in photoshop^^
I mean look at the fonts she put in the pictures, it's sooo cute and nice~
and also, she's good at editing the layout of her blog.. jealous-nya saya..LOL^^

Okay, up next will be the fact that I went to watch Rambo 4 last Friday with my bf.

The movie was short; less than 90mins = =
The whole movie was bloody, right from the start till the end!
Not to mention, there were plenty of flying limbs, decapitated head, head shots, bazookas, etc...
I think most guys would love the least my bf did~ haha^^

Right now,
I feel like I need a dentist..
my gums ache when I bit on a candy...
I think my wisdom tooth is causing my gums to become sensitive!

*wenyi wails as she begins to realise she may not be able to eat that much Kuih Kapek and 肉干 when she goes visiting during Chinese New Year*

Happy Chinese New Year to all~
May this coming Year of the Rat bring everyone luck, happiness and good health^^

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Porcupine said...

Happy Chinese New Year Wen Yi!!!

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