Sunday, February 03, 2008


One of my house mates told me,
that she watched more movies then ever when she was dating..
and I definitely agree with her!
Though I know a few people, like my pet bro Benjamin,
who used to watch movies every single week!!

Back to story,
I watched a total of 3 movies in the cinema in the past month..
And I watched all three with Shenyang (my bf *ahem...wenyi blushes* LOL)
The FIRST movie which we watched together is...

American Gangster^^
It's a pretty good movie. Loved the acting by Denzel Washington.. hehe^^
And it's a movie, EXTREMELY related to my topic on Foundation Pharmacy--> Drug Misuse.
It's a serious movie with good acting by good casts.

The second movie which we watched together is,


See the fancy poster? Don't let it fool you.
It's a bad BAD movie.
It's supposed to be shot with a video camera by an amateur who was stuck in the city when the monster attacked. Thus, there were LOADS of shaky scenes,
imagine running around with a video camera...
dropping of the video camera on the ground a FEW times.
Thus, leaving u with a slight headache after watching the movie.
AND about the computer animated monster?
It only made a cameo appearance.. = =

Thus, I was sad that I chose a wrong movie to watch with Shenyang..
and so we decided to catch a second movie directly after Cloverfield.
*jeng jeng jeng*

We watched Sweeney Todd~~~
This movie is the BEST among the three^^
For starters, Johnny Depp is in it^^
And he sang in the movie!!!
Yup, the movie has a few musical-like scenes, which are amazing^^
I have nothing but praises for this movie.
It's a little bloody and dark, but that's typical in all Tim Burton's movie. Hehe^^
And after watching the movie,
you'll wanna sing this line,
"I'll steal you, Johanna~~~"

and also....I must mention this song...
it's called No place like London which was sung by Johnny Depp at the very start of the movie...
hehe^^ the part where he raps this...

" There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
and it's filled with people who are filled with shit!
And the vermin of the world inhabit it!"

It made me sooo excited ;p
anyways, to hear the song you can go to YouTube,
as for the full lyrics, click here.
Hehe^^ its a MUST WATCH MOVIE^^

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