Sunday, February 03, 2008

Overdose of Sweetness in Life~

Overdose is also known as OD.

OD in MOST things are usually lethal.
Take for example,
a) if u SMOKE too much cigarettes~
b) if u watch too much PORN (it's not proven yet, but I think it's under studies..LOL)
c) if you DRINK too much alcohol..

overdose of sweetness in life,

Oi, diabetes leh??

Haha^^ya, I know too much sugar can cause diabetes,
but my OD of sweetness is from life itself.. not excess intake of sugar lah~

I had wanted to post about this...erm...3 weeks ago..
but I delayed it till today....
*jeng jeng jeng*

I am attached!

actually I think most of the ppl around me already know that.
So, this post is something like a repetition or a delayed telecast..haha^^

Anyways, I am currently attached to someone,
I mean a guy, (no..I'm not attached to a she..
though I DO like looking at pictures of cute, pretty and beautiful girls on HP *shhh*)

And this guy claims that he is weird...
but if a weird guy likes me,
it means i'm weird as well,
so yeah..
i AM partly weird.. LOL~~

Hehe^^ talking about my boyfriend..
(omg... I sound like a bimbo now.. = =)
Okay, let's divert from my boyfriend.

All I shall reveal,
is that he is NICE, SWEET and CUTE^^
and MOST importantly...
I like him a lot.. hehe^^ OD of sweetness again...rofl..

In case u guys don't know what rofl means,
rofl = roll on floor laughing,
almost similar to LOL... rofl...
my bf likes using this "phrase"

AND another reason of OD,
is because JPA finally banked in my allowance^^
Money in bank = shopping!!!

As Chinese New Year is RIGHT around the corner,
my house mates and I,
went mad, literally,
after we found out that our allowance has been banked in.

And *poof* we were shopping in Times Square!!
Since Times Square is a shopping haven,
(at least it is for me, because I don't usually buy branded stuff)
and most of the clothes in Times Square and Sungai Wang,
are mostly RM25 and below...
choices are abundant!!!
Making it hard to control the spending of newly obtained allowance... *sigh*

But anyways,
Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

p.s- Ning, in case u're reading this, i told Anson to tell u about my bf...but i guess he forgot...gomenasai~~


angelinemiss said...

swt-nesss....... sudah berpunya... meaning u no longer wanna do eye-staring with me... sob sob.... anyway, happy berOD la.. hehe~

anyway, i love to use the word LMAO-laughing my ass off & ROTFLMAO - rolling off the floor laughin my ass off.. COOL ler.. :D

Anonymous said...

haha ah yi... thanks for the delayed telecast... Anson really DIDNT tell me, he said you didnt tell him so wor...

anyway... continue to sweet sweet til i come back, then we can go for double dating! :)

sweet sweet...


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