Friday, March 21, 2008


Peas was out with carrots yesterday.
(In case you're wondering who carrots is, carrots is carrots. ROFL...)

Anyways, before we were out,
we were browsing through the movie list online,
and was caught between watching,
Gone Baby Gone,

When carrots read that Jesicca Alba was in Awake, well, you know what happened ;p
Thus we went to OneU, and when we were queueing up to buy the movie tickets,
I saw a few movies with the price of only RM5,
Thus I decided that Peas and Carrots should go watch it since we had extra time to kill before Awake starts showing.

The RM5 tickets are part of GSC's Iranian Film Festival,
and we read the synopsis given,
and thought "Why not give it a try?"

So we bought four tickets in total. LOL^^
And the best thing was,
when we went into cinema 5 for the Iranian movie called Equivalence,
we were the ONLY two people in the ENTIRE cinema!!

Carrots: What cinema are we supposed to enter?
Peas: Cinema 5
C: You sure this is cinema 5?
(peas and carrots left the hall to double check)
P: Yup, it's cinema 5.
C: How come there isn't anyone?
P: Dunno..
(Peas and carrots sat down, and immediately the advertisements started showing.)
C: Thank you. We're the only ones here.

AND yes, we were the ONLY two persons in the cinema watching the entire movie.
Thus, we were trying out level best to capture an empty cinema with only the two of us, using our camera phones. (where's a good camera when you need it? *sigh*)
Anyways, we did manage to take a few,
but I'm not sure whether it's clear or not. ( I shall post it when I upload it into my laptop^^)

Funnily, when the advertisements ended,
the worker must have forgotten to put in the DVD,
and the screen was showing the start up page for Sony DVD player! LOL~~~

Back to the movie,
the Iranian movie is pretty old, I'm guessing it's a movie almost 10 yrs old.
The synopsis of the movie grabbed from GSC online goes:

"Bijan, a genius in mathematics decides to marry one of his classmates in college, Zohreh. He wants to solve the equivalent of his life with the aid of his father, but the problem is that his father does not accept him as his son."

It's actually a comedy, which was pretty entertaining in it's own way.
Or maybe the fact that the two of us were watching an Iranian movie made it even entertaining. LOL~
Though it wasn't a movie which won any awards,
the fact that Peas and Carrots only paid
RM 10 + RM 3.30 (for a Large Coke) = RM 13.30
for the ENTIRE cinema,
made the movie a GREAT value for money!!! LOL...
Though occasionally some GSC workers walked in and out,
and towards the end of the movie, the cleaners were there sitting at the side waiting to clean up the hall; which of course was clean except the one cup of Large Coke which we brought in. XD

After we finished the movie, we didn't even need to leave the cinema hall using the back door,
we went out through where we came in,
and decided to walk into our next cinema hall, which unfortunately was packed with people...=(

Anyways, Awake is a great movie!
I found myself absolutely drawn into the movie^^
and not only that,
I like the twist towards the end of the movie =)

Plus the movie talked about Out of body experience, which I am really interested in!!! Hehe^^
(yes, I know it sounds creepy, and the fact that I actually believe in Out of Body Experiences makes me freaky is even more creepy!! ROFL)

Other than that, the movie showed the procedures of doing a heart transplant.
The scene reminded me of Trauma Center (the wii game), where I had to cut open a patient's chest as well. LOL~

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