Monday, March 17, 2008


Peas is back in action!

Peas = wenyi = me = writer of this blog!!

LOL~ after a day or two of feeling crappy,
I think I finally got the old me back again.

Period has gotten normal again.
If you're a guy who's wondering how NORMAL periods can be,
because if blood came flowing out of your body that WOULDN'T be normal, right?
Let's just say having blood, along with some parts of your human body flowing out from down there, isn't a pleasant sensation. It can be torturous to some, even to the extent of needing to be hospitalized!

Not to mention the need of putting something on your panties just to absorb the unnecessary "fluids". OMG..
I think I just made period sound like some kind of freaky experience. = =
If someone made a movie on how gross having a period can be,
it'll definitely be some block buster horror movie!!! LOL..

Anyways, thankfully I got my mood set right.
I need all the good mood I need right now to get my stuff sorted out.
In this scenario,
stuff = university assignments; namely revising for Microbiology + finishing a 30% laboratory report on Fundamentals of Pharmacology.

Btw, I went to watch a movie called Minotaur with Shenyang yesterday.
And I KNEW I should have did some research before entering the cinema.
It's a movie which just started to screen in Malaysian cinemas,
BUT it's actually a 2006 movie about the ancient mythological beast, the minotaur. DUH~

The movie is definitely MUCH better than Redline,
better acting, and at least the movie has a much better script.
Though there are some scenes where the script doesn't make any sense,
including the malay subtitles.
The was this one scene towards the end of the movie,
where an actress said this,
"Take off your masks and remove your shame"

The malay subtitles read,
"tanggalkan topeng dan KEMALUAN kamu"
wth!!!! LOL~~~ KEMALUAN!!!!!!!
How can someone remove their Kemaluan?
(Kemaluan = the male/female private part)

After reading the line, my bf and I could barely focus on the movie without laughing. LOL~
I think the translator got bored of the movie towards the end,
and decided to add some zest into the movie. LOL...
If you're planning to go watch the movie,
do read the synopsis online here and here =)

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Anonymous said...

thanks SHen Yang for bringing you back to normal!

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