Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Days pass by..

Lately university life has been getting hectic,
I'm having tests on a weekly basis,
and I've just completed one though it doesn't account for any marks ;p
I'll be having a practical exam next week, and there'll be a 30% report to hand in for that subject.
Currently I have a 40% report to do, yet I'm blissfully sitting around doing nothing much, but idling my time away. ROFL...

Anyways, lately I'm at loss for things to say. = =
I got a feeling I should go out and buy a new camera phone.
I feel like buying one... cucu got a new phone, though it's not the latest model, it's a bargain.
Only rm620 for a 2.0mp camera + 1gb memory card + it's a sony erricson phone. (I don't know why, but I prefer a sony erricson phone over Nokia ;p)

I can imagine snapping all the pictures I like with a phone with at least a 2.0mp camera.
I can imagine listening to the unlimited mp3 songs which I can put in the phone.
I can imagine.....
Imagination is a wonderful thing, hahaha =)

Now that the word "imagination" popped up, I am reminded of a scene I was the other day.
I was at a restaurant, and there was this little girl maybe around 5yrs old.
Her mum was busy chatting about some business plan (most likely something like Amway, or some other MLM = Multi Level Marketing plan)
So this smart little girl was convincingly playing the role of a waitress.
She was running around to tables, armed with a notepad and a really big pen,
asking imaginary customers,
"Nak makan apa?" (what would you like to eat?)
"Minum??" (drinks?)

And she was happily doing the exact same thing at 3 different tables,
when she's not doing that, she'll be talking to a fire extinguisher, and hitting it with her pen. LOL.
Yup, the best part is,
I had the time to observe this little girl. (goodness, I'm starting to sound like a pedophile, XD)

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