Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I've been a bit lazy lately,
I've not been updating my blog,
I've not been doing my studies early,
I've only been lazing around doing nothing.

Lol..and good news,
my tests and assignments, on a weekly basis (almost weekly basis),
is going to come to an end!!!
Whee^^ that means more time for me, myself and I!!!

Somehow lately I've been kinda happily immersing myself in watching a korean drama called, Coffee Prince. And I watch about 1 to 2 hours of it daily, without realizing that I actually have a 25% class test next Monday! Haha ;p

Then, today.... I went out with Carrots the whole day. Rofl~
We went to collect 5 FREE books which I won through an online contest!!!!
It's actually a contest of an online magazine called Faces.
I had actually received an e-mail end of March informing me to go collect the free books.
But I was skeptical, because it was an online contest where all I had to do was write a slogan.
Plus, they didn't state my name in the first e-mail.
Only when I confirmed with them via email, did they mention my name.
So, I was fearful that it might be some online scam.

However, a week ago, the lady called me, asking me to go collect the books as the final date to collect them is the 12th of April 2008.
So, I thought
"I've got nothing to lose, right?"

And so Carrots sent me there, to some 2-storey shop lot in Mutiara Damansara.
The "office" is actually the upper floor of the shop, and it looks a little small to me.
Anyways, I DID get my books!!!!! Hehe^^
I got a total of FIVE books!! *jeng jeng jeng*

1st book - Guinness World of Records 2008!! *phee-weeet*

book two - Chicken Soup for the Soul - Christmas
(actually I shouldn't mention this, cause I intend to give it off as a Christmas present ;p
but since that I have, I shall keep it for my own! hahaha)

book 3- Green is the new Black

book 4 - pocket wine book

and finally book 5 - the woman's book

I haven't read any of them, except Guinness world of record. hehe^^
And after collecting the books, Carrots and Peas headed off to The Curve.
We ate at Eden's for lunch,
went out to play chess for a bit (which I totally suck at = =)
headed off to Ikano and had meatballs!!!

And took a candid shot of me feeding a baby~~
And finally, to Cineleisure to catch the movie - Death Sentence!
Pull peas, pull!! Pull those tusks off!!!!

Anyways, Death Sentence is a pretty cool movie,
loads of gore towards the end.
The starting was a bit slow, but it really helps in building up the emotions of the viewers....
I found the review here really useful.
And though the movie's main idea on revenge is a bit erm...distorted,
it makes a good action movie nonetheless =)

p.s - after that, I went online and checked,
and found out that my name actually appeared on the online magazine's website.

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