Sunday, March 16, 2008


Meh.. lately it's all unhappy thoughts.
life's gotten boring and mundane.

i understand that it's all a state of mind.
and I blame my moodless-ness on the class test which I sat for the other day.
I over-stressed myself with the thought that the class test is going to be a big bad thing,
and cause myself to wallow up in self-study sessions which were clearly demotivating.

I think I need to go out and do some retail-therapy i.e shopping,
but then again, the "kedekut" or stingy me pops up,
thinking that money should be spent else where.
I miss being hyper.
I miss being happy.

Or maybe it's because I fell sick last week,
and didn't have the chance to go out.
Or maybe, just maybe I'm going through and emotional turmoil because of my hormone imbalance.

Btw, I was ecstatic when I found out that I got my period.
That was my temporal high for the week.
Unfortunately the high didn't last me that long of a time,
as I found out that my monthly discharge is UN-normal. i.e it's not how a normal period should be.

Blame blame blame. I put the blame on my hormones.
And I am suddenly reminded on the very first chapter on Proteins which I studied for the class test, and the importance of hormones in drug design, and all the other stuff related to it.

Bloody hell, hormones play important roles in the human body.
Yeah, like the fact that I am suffering from PMS right now. = =

I tried curing myself of my moodless-ness by watching drama.
I watched an episode of Prison break on astro, and wanted to watch the next episode,
but didn't know which episode I watched, so I couldn't search for it online.

And then later, I played Trauma Center on Wii.
And got bored because I killed my simulated patient. = =

Then I tried to study a bit more.
BAD idea that was, studying is extremely demotivating.

Then I watched a Malaysian drama called Ghost on
That was fun for a moment, but it's only out till episode 6. = =

Later at night, I watched one episode of House,
and was at awe how sarcastic House is. = =
Meh..and then I felt bored and went to sleep. MEH//

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