Monday, March 03, 2008

mari mari mengundi...ROFL

I've never really been a fan of politics.
Usually I will have these few thoughts running in mind,
"tak kisah"
"It's not my problem lah"
"aiya, politics has always been dirty, why bother"

But this time around,
I must admit that I AM curious about what is going to happen,
sure BN will most likely win the election,
but many predict they'll lose many of their seats in the Parlimen.

"Jangan bagi BN majority" i.e "Don't let BN win 2/3 of the seats in Parlimen"
and many other comments similar to that.

Yup, just google about Malaysia election,
and you're bound to find many MANY MANY interesting articles about how Malaysians are relatively all hyped about THIS coming election.

And the jokes made about a few of Malaysia's politics is just plain hilarious.
Take this for example,

Comedy Court
It's a duo singing songs on Lingam's case, HINDRAF, Our EX health minister.
Among the four songs they have, I like the song on HINDRAF the best! LOL~
Why? Simply cause it's a catchy song using the nursery rhyme: Little Indian Boys,
and they lyrics will just wanna make u laugh out loud. LOL...

Kennysia's blog
He has this hilarious quiz which I took, and......

According to the 100% accurate Who-To-Vote-This-Election Decision Generator™,
(or so kennnysia claims..LOL)

I am voting for...


LOL...long live rocket...hahaha~
AND incidently, Jeff Ooi, an extremely active blogger in Malaysia, who has now turned into politics.. has joined the rocket group,
so I decided to do some reading,
and I read that he has already raised more than RM 110k from readers of his blog for the coming election!! (that's a LOT of money!! people make money off their blogs, while mine is stuck-collecting-dust..meh -_-'')
So back to JeffOoi,
I secretly hope that he'll wins the post that's he is running for in Jelutong,
with the hopes of Kennysia's First blood poster becomes a reality. LOL...

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